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Nandyal Pincode / Post Office Search (KURNOOL, Andhra Pradesh)

A.Kodur B.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Ayalur B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
B.Kodur B.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Bandi Atmakur S.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Bhillalapuram B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Bhimavaram B.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Bollavaram B.O 518512NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Chabolu B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Chalama B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Chapirevula B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Chidukur B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Durvesi B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Eernipadu B.O 518512NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Erraguntla B.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Gadigarevula B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Galichennayapalem B.O 518513NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Kakanur B.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Kanala S.O 518593NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Karimaddula B.O 518513NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Kondajutur B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Koratamaddi B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Kothapalle B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Kottala B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Mahanandi B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
N.G.O.S Coloy S.O 518501NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Nandipalle B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Nandyal Bazar S.O 518501NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Nandyal H.O 518501NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Nandyal R.S. S.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Noone Palle S.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Parnapalle B.O 518523NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Pesaravai B.O 518513NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Polur S.O (Kurnool) 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Pulimaddi B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Pusulur B.O 518593NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Raithunagaram B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Ramapuram B.O 518513NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Rayamalpuram B.O 518511NandyalAndhra Pradesh
S.Nagulavaram B.O 518593NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Sanjeeva Nagar S.O 518501NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Santajutur S.O 518513NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Srinivasa Nagar S.O 518501NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Tekke S.O 518501NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Thammadapalle B.O 518512NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Thimmapuram S.O 518512NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Togarchedu B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh
Udumalpuram B.O 518502NandyalAndhra Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.